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Office Pantyhose Creep
Featuring Star Nine

You make your morning visit to Star's office to stare at her legs. She doesn't understand why you're always bugging her, don't you have work to do? Sydney Lee comes in with some news for her friend - Oh, good, you're here too . . .

Sydney found Star's worn pantyhose that you rescued from the trash. So that's why you're always making excuses to be near Star. Gross, you pervert. Star sniffs the run pantyhose that she tossed away in the break room - they don't even smell like her! They smell like sour milk and garbage.

The girls threaten to tell HR - you'll be fired for sexual harassment. You beg for mercy but Sydney isn't impressed. Even if Star doesn't say anything, she will. They devise an idea, an appropriate revenge. Star hands you a package of pantyhose. If you wear these everyday to the office until they are completely shredded so that everyone can see what a dirty pantyhose pervert you are, you can keep your job.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Double Domination, Humiliation, Pantyhose Domination Dirty Pantyhose Asian

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7 minutes