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Ballbusting Realtors
Featuring Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine

Nyssa Nevers & Star Nine trick a handsy visitor to their open house into a brutal ballbusting beatdown.

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Includes ballbusting, double domination, beatdowns

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10 minutes



Schoolgirl Tit Punishment
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Star Nine punishes her student, Ashley Lane, for cheating on a test. Star decides that Ashley's punishment shall be 30 hits to her exposed tits with a heavy wooden paddle.

While she denies having cheated, Ashley takes her punishment like a good girl, counting off each whack & not complaining too much when Star corrects her count, always to a lower number. Midway through, Star increases her punishment to 40, and when the abuse is finally over, she squeezes Ashley's swollen tits.

Uncuffed, Ashley curls into the detal position, rubbing her sore tits.

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Includes tit busting, paddling, school uniform

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12 minutes



Height Humiliation
Featuring Star Nine

You look like the sort of guy who has a lot of fantasies. Fantasies about tall superior women, high heels, long legs. Can you imagine what it would look like if we walked down the street together, people would think you were a clingy little boy running along after Mommy. How humiliating, to have everyone walking by imagine that it was very different than the way you want it to be. It's always very different than the way you want it to be isn't it? So low, so diminutive, unnoticeable, little, itty, bitty, tiny, short, pathetic, little man.

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Includes height humiliation humiliation, high heels, leg fetish, femdom POV

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10 minutes



Sissy's Walk of Shame
Featuring Star Nine

you've only been doing My job for Me, torturing yourself.

Look at you all dressed up for Me, you're hoping that I'm going to forgive you, take you back as My little sissy slut.

Hope isn't quite the word is it? you need Me to take you back. your life this past month without Me has been so beige.

I want to hear My wayward little sissy begging, I want to see that little clitty straining in it's cruel cage.

Take the cage off, go ahead, oh it's going to hurt, you're so hard. If I let you cum, you're going to cum in My worn pantyhose.

Did your girlfriend leave you yet? You'll be wearing MY well worn nylons over your sissy stockings from now on. She'll smell it on you. Everyone will. My scent is irresistible. More addictive than your poppers. See. Sniff. Beg. Edge.

your walk of shame, that cage clamped right back on over your clittly, over the worn pantyhose you've cum in.

Good sissies use markup code SISSYFORSTAR

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Includes pantyhose domination, sissy sluts, chastity, orgasm control, femdom pov, latex

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18 minutes



Mesmerized Office Slave
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star shows her bitchy coworker, Dixie, the extracurricular project she's been working on. The pattern on the screen along with Star's mesmerizing voice draw Dixie into a deeply suggestive state. All thoughts of work melt out of Dixie's mind, replaced by an echo chamber of Star's suggestions. Soon she is stripped down to her pantyhose, turned into Star's personal foot bitch. Unable to keep her amazing secret to herself, Star summons a coworker to observe Dixie in her mesmerized state. Showing off her new toy, Star suggests that Dixie put on a masturbation show. Dixie cums on command in her pantyhose.

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Includes mesmerize, woman following orders, lesbian domination, foot worship

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13 minutes



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