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The Eraser
Featuring Stella Liberty

Stella surprises you in your office, it's always a happy surprise, a respite from the day, a chance to stare at her perfect nylon legs. You can never keep your eyes off of them. Your gaze drifts to her high arches, her dangling heel. You have a hard time focusing on her words, like always. It doesn't matter though. She's only a secretary.

It's as though she is mirroring your thoughts, you hear the word secretary pass through her lips. Then she shocks you out of your reverie, commenting that you had better stop staring at her legs and pay attention. Your eyes run up her long legs to her smiling face as she explains what she was really hired for: to erase you & every trace of you. She's an Eraser. It's unbelievable. You refuse to believe it. She has you google yourself. Nothing. It can't be true. You've spent your whole life building your name. How can this be real. You try to leave, but she makes it clear that there is nothing to go back to. Cars, mementos, even your wife. It's like you never existed.

Includes executrix, pantyhose domination

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11 minutes



Nightclub Desperation
Featuring Star Nine & Nate Liquor

Star Nine is waitressing at a nightclub when robbers bust in. The robbers push her into a small room with a male customer. Uncomfortable to be in such close quarters with a stranger, she quietly calculates her lost tips as she glances at him in annoyance.

Time goes by in the small room & Star's annoyance slowly turns to desperation. She has a growing urge to pee. She shifts positions uncomfortably as her bladder swells. She pounds on the door but the robber who answers won't let her out, telling her to piss in the room if she can't hold it.

Now Star is really desperate, and embarrassed. Almost crying, she tries not to grab her crotch in front of the man. A small trickle leaks out. Star grabs her crotch in desperation, but she cannot hold it any longer. She empties her full bladder, peeing all over her hands as she pisses her uniform.

Includes desperation, pee, leotard

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25 minutes



4K POV Dirty Foot Session with Roxie
Featuring Roxie Rae

Experience Roxie Rae's filthy soles in 4k. On your knees for a session. The bottoms of her nylon feet are covered in filth that will soon be in your greedy little mouth. Roxie teases you first, making you admire her dirty nylon feet from afar before shoving her entire foot in your mouth. She orders you to suck the filth from her dirty pantyhose. This is your dream and you've paid dearly for it - she slowly removes her pantyhose, exposing her bare, dirty soles.

Includes dirty feet, pantyhose domination, foot slave training

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10 minutes



Seduced By Nylon Soles
Featuring Star Nine & Jay Wimp

Star Nine's captor is in over his head. He had simple orders to keep her tied up and under watch, but he's easily seduced by her nylon soles.

Star quietly tries to free herself as the guard stares at his phone. She slips her high heels off and tries to loosen the rope around her ankles. He catches her at it, but is soon seduced into first massaging and then untying her feet.

Once Star's feet are freed, that guard is in trouble! She repeatedly kicks and knees him until he falls to the ground from a final hard kick to the balls. She wraps her long nylon legs around his neck, locking him in a scissor hold while she frees her wrists.

Includes pantyhose domination, ballbusting, scissorhold

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11 minutes



The Monsters Watch Her Cum
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane paces in the storeroom. The building has been overrun by monsters - she calls for help, but security doesn't believe her.

She wakes up in a strange room, bound to a chair. A woman in a lab coat observes her, encourages her to recall what happened. As she begins to describe the monsters in the elevator, the woman begins to masturbate. As the woman cums, Ashley looks at her hopefully, perhaps she will untie her? Then she notices the monsters in the corner! They've been watching all along.

Ashley recoils in horror as Star approaches her, hitatchi in hand. Star calmly explains how the monsters derive their powers from the female orgasm. She presses the vibrator hard against Ashley's clit as she describes all the things the monsters plan to do to her.

Includes monsters, forced orgasms, damsel in distress

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9 minutes



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