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This is our first session. You wouldn't disclose your issue over the phone, so I am oh so curious. What is it that made you feel the need to see a Sexologist? You begin to stutter, try to force the words out. I assure you that I'm a trained professional. Finally you confess your fetish, your desire, your need. Your obsessive desire to consume human waste.

I'm intrigued. I want to make sure you're in the right place - I ask a couple of questions to make sure that this is a sexual proclivity versus a nutritional deficiency. I ask if you're heterosexual, if you're thinking about eating my shit right now.

You desperately beg me to cure you. Unfortunately you're incurable. I explain that we are what we eat, and vice versa. You are obviously human waste, a human piece of shit. That's why you crave these things. I suss out that you haven't actually acted on your urges yet. I order you to your knees, lift my skirt. I want you to realize your full potential as a human toilet. I expose my asshole, hover over your mouth. I order you to chew and swallow.

Returning to the couch I coldly explain how women will be happy to use you as a human toilet once they are made aware of what a piece of shit you are.

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Toilet Slavery, Toilet Domination, Toilet Fetish, Femdom POV, Extreme Domination, Humiliation

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