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Meeting The Wife - Star Nine
Featuring Star Nine

You're shocked to find me on your living room couch. Frantically, you beg me to leave before your wife gets home, beg me not to wreck your marriage. You'll give me anything. ANYTHING.

I'm not going anywhere, don't you think the three of us should have a little chat? I'm sure your wife is already well aware of what is going on, she gets the bank statements doesn't she? Besides - your marriage was over the moment you decided it would be a good idea to start spending all that money on me. I'm sure she won't mind at all once I tell her that you haven't gotten anywhere, that we've had absolutely zero physical contact.

You look like you could use a good stiff drink. I bring you one & you toss it back in one gulp. I chastise you for not savoring it.

The drug slowly begins to take hold as I explain how I've been in contact with your wife, that she hired me in fact. You were willing to throw it all away for a perfect pair of legs, a perfect body. So willing to drain the retirement accounts, to spend it all on me. Silly man, I don't need you to buy me expensive clothing, jewelry, 3 star meals. I'm perfectly capable of making my own money, and soon half of what's yours will be mine.

It's too bad you drank your poison so quickly, I'm sure your wife would have wanted to say a final goodbye, but I don't think you're going to last another five minutes before your heart stops.

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Executrix, Tights Fetish, Boot Fetish, Female Domination, Femdom POV, Financial Domination

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11 minutes


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