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Executive Toilet 2: Lunch Break
Featuring Star Nine

I saunter into the office & toss a tupperware container on the desk. I perch on the edge facing you & lean forward. Have you been a good boy? Do you deserve a reward? You're practically salivating at the sight of me as you anticipate your daily feeding, opening your mouth wide at my puckered ass lips.

Rushing to tell me all the good you've done, you stutter as the words spill out. You've only developed that stutter since our little arrangement went into effect. That stutter. The sure sign of a shit eater.

You drop to your knees and begin to approach me. I let out a cruel little laugh. What do you think you're doing? No, no. You're a fully trained shit eater now. You're addicted. You'll do anything for my caviar. You no longer need to be trained, fed at my puckered teat. From now on you'll be just as obedient and just as satisfied with take out.

Won't you? I wave the tupperware at you. There's an unmistakable soft thumping noise as I shake it back & forth. Beg me to eat my cold shit out of tupperware you pathetic toilet slut.

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Toilet Slavery, Toilet Fetish, Pantyhose/Stockings, Toilet Humiliation, Legs, Office Domination

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