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Caged Day 1
Featuring Star Nine

First day in your cage - examine it with your fingers. It's a trainer. A boy trainer. Tell Me, how did you get to this point, did you ever imagine when we shopped for an appropriate device 8 months ago that you would cave this far, bend so much to My will, that you'd actually go through with the purchase, let alone be fondling the device now in your hand. Contemplating wearing it.

It's an easy trainer, that's for certain. No metal teeth to bite into your tender flesh. Touted as the most comfortable male chastity device on the market . Medical grade silicone . . . of course that also means there's no excuse to remove it. Ever.

I've already trained you not to stroke. To deny yourself for longer and longer stretches of time. you've grown used to the aching in your balls. To suffering for My amusement. To achieving for Me. Days upon days. Will this little soft silicone device make any difference?

It's time to try it on. your breathe quickens. A nervous form of arousal. Fear of the new. Fear of failure.

Slip it on. Lock it. Now, that's not so bad is it? Spend the day wearing it around the house. Wash with it. Piss through it. Sleep in it. Obsessively worry about the key.

Imagine it under your pants at the office. Obsess about the key. Where will you keep it safe. What if Goddess demands you send it to her?

Breathe. This is day one. Just a simple test.

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Chastity, Mental Domination, Pantyhose Domination, Mind Fuck, Femdom POV, Legs

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18 minutes