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I saw the way you were looking at me across the bar, so fucking hungry.

Am I making you nervous, why don't you tell me all the things you think you're going to do to me. Go on, I want to see you blush.

Tell me how you felt an irresistible urge, like a string, pulling you to me. Tell me how your heart beat in your chest.

Show me that big bloody hard cock & I'll tell you exactly how I read your fucking mind. Yes, I want all the blood. All of it. See I can smell your blood from here, just like I could smell it across the bar. I have quite the nose for blood you see.

You've found yourself in quite the predicament, your cock is so hard, and you are so scared. I can smell the fear on you, detected it the moment I showed my teeth.

Yet you can't run away, you find yourself rooted in that spot. What kind of venomous creature am I? The original femme fatale. I've been around forever, draining men like you.

Vampire, Executrix, Aliens & Monsters, Mesmerize, Magic Control, Femdom POV

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