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Regression Spell
Featuring Star Nine

I have the perfect cure for your misogynistic arrogance - a regression spell. I warn you that I am a Witch and that I am going to teach you a lesson. I snap My fingers & you laugh it off, you think I'm full of it, it must just be a mental trick, but you begin to feel nervous as I detail the ways in which you've just changed.

Another snap of My fingers & the change is more obvious. You feel yourself shrinking & begin to panic. You find yourself getting smaller and smaller with every snap until you are so tiny you can no longer walk. You gaze up at Me from the floor as I promise to take away all of your toxic grown up thoughts, you beg Me not to do it, but one final snap and your mind is reset to zero.

I coo at you in your diapers, a mindless, innocent, baby. Powerless and needy.

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Age Regression, Magic Control, Diaper, Aliens & Monsters, Diaper Discipline, Femdom POV

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10 minutes