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Forced Bi Boots
Featuring Star Nine

These boots you bought make you weak, they remind you of how weak you felt when you were paying for them. you really can't resist doing anything I say can you? Anything I want for My amusement. you're lucky really, lucky that basic things that get other men's dicks hard really do nothing for you. Lucky that you're happy to be My sexless, obedient, self-denying, nylon stroking, slave. you'd never even fantasize about fucking a Goddess, all those vanilla things are totally off the table. you'd rather be a good boy. Anything for Goddess's amusement. So lucky, all the new things you get to experience for Me.

If I were to allow you to fuck in my presence, for my amusement, can you imagine what that would entail? Of course tease & denial is endlessly amusing to Me . . . can you guess what else I have in mind for you? Sure I could put on my strap-on and have you slobber all over it, but today you're going to suck real live fleshy cock for Goddess. All that conditioning, all that cum swallowing, you didn't think it was just going to stop there did you? No you're going to be a real life cock sucker for Goddess.

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Make Me Bi, POV Strap-On, Femdom POV, Strap-On, Goddess Worship, Pantyhose Domination

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15 minutes