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Cuckold Cum Eater
Featuring Star Nine

You're home from bowling early & being a killjoy already. I'm draped over the chair in a sexy little black dress that barely even covers my tight sexy ass. You sputter out a judgmental comment, questioning my choice of wardrobe for girl's night. Poor, silly, unfuckable husband. Do I look like I was just out with the girls? Of course I wasn't, dressed like this, I was out with your replacement, getting properly fucked. Something we haven't done for years. You look on in horror as I playfully pose in my skimpy little dress while detailing all of the ways you're going to lose in the divorce. I have one main piece of damning evidence against you - a charge to an escort service where you didn't even fuck! Evily, I propose a deal, if you get down on your knees and slurp my lover's cum out of my ass I'll consider making things equitable in the divorce settlement.

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Includes cuckolding, cum eating instruction, cei, femdom pov

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13 minutes