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Enslaved With Catatonia
Featuring Star Nine

Hot on the scent of a trail you've tracked Catwoman to her lair. Or have you been led here? Unable to resist her seductive scent. Confident, Catwoman rolls over in a seductive pose, stretching out on her back, revealing herself to you. That scent. It wafts towards your nose. Catatonia. You want more and more. Luckily, that special fragrance has been bottled. Catwoman spritzes it from a bottle and you fall in deeper. Eager to smell that perfect aroma forever. Eager to become Her mindless minion. you beg for more and are rewarded with a direct source, an oxygen mask attached to a tank of Her distilled essence. you inhale greedily as your mind breaks for Her. Addicted now, there's nothing you wouldn't do to maintain this high.

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Includes superheroine, super villain, mind fuck, smell fetish

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11 minutes


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