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Catwoman's Whip & Boots
Featuring Star Nine

You think you've stumbled into the bust of a lifetime, you've caught Catwoman red-handed with her paws in the loot. Silly piggy, your little metal toys are no match for Catwoman's quick whip. With one crack of her whip your pistol goes flying across the floor. You'll never get close enough to her to put those pathetic nickel bracelets on her wrists. Catwoman humiliates you cracking her whip and lashing your right in the cock before knocking you to your knees, a better angle to worship her boots from. You obediently lick every inch of her stiletto booties clean before she cruelly blinds you with her whip, taunting you with a nursery rhyme about blind little pigs as she makes her escape.

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Includes super villain, boot worship, femdom pov, foot domination, whipping, humiliation

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11 minutes