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The Slayer's Fall
Featuring Star Nine

you kneel before Me, a failed slayer. you've given in to temptation, to the seduction of your vampire Queen. I recount every lurid detail, how you came to surrender yourself completely to Me. Silly slayer, you never had a chance. From our first meeting I've been in your head. Even as you prepared to meet Me, I instructed you without your knowing on how to dress up for Me, how to behave. There was never a question how you would hand Me your stake, how you would follow Me home to My coffin and make love to Me for hours. your slayer nature never had a chance against my mesmerizing kisses, my silky voice, my erotic powers, and now your prepare to give yourself over willingly to My bite. you are Mine forever.

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Includes mesmerize, magic control, femdom pov, cosplay, super villain, vampire

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28 minutes