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Featuring Lauren Kiley & Star Nine

Star paces back and forth in front of the cake she picked up for the party. Her roommate, Lauren, is taking forever to get ready.

Finally Lauren enters in a shiny silver dress. Star cannot believe her roommate would try to embarrass her like this, wearing some trashy club wear to a BBQ! The girls argue about the dress, Star accusing Lauren of just trying to get attention from the girl they both like. Star picks up the cake, threatening to leave without her.

Lauren grabs a handful of cake and smashes it into Star's face. Star is flabbergasted. She sets the cake down and grabs a handful herself, smashing it into Lauren's face and down the front of the objectionable dress. Lauren retaliates and it becomes clear that no one is going to the party.

Star grabs Lauren's shoulders and pushes her down until she is sitting on the cake. Overcome by the sexual tension, Lauren pulls Star down and pushes her face into the mess, grinding against her.

Lauren cums & Star pulls away, wryly commenting that she didn't realize Lauren felt so strongly about cake.

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Wet & Messy, Food & Object Crush, Cat Fighting, Lesbian, Food Porn, Cake Sitting

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4 minutes