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Can I Borrow Your Pantyhose?
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

Star finds Dixie in the break room, she has a run in her hose, she's late for her annual review, and she was really hoping to get that promotion. She asks Dixie, the only other female employee, if she has a spare pair of pantyhose. Dixie is reluctant to help Star, she's up for the same promotion & it's a very competitive workplace. Star finally manages to convince Dixie to go check her desk & is relieved when Dixie returns saying that she does actually have a pair of hose that Star can borrow.

Dixie begins to remove the pantyhose she is wearing. Star is disgusted, but desperate. Dixie tells her that there's no rush, she just saw another interviewee head into the office late. Star puts on Dixie's worn pantyhose, assuring her that she will make it up to her. Dixie has something in mind, Star can make it up to her right now.

She shows Star what she retrieved from her office - the hitatchi. Whatever Dixie is planning, that is not what Star had in mind. Dixie wants to see Star cum in her worn pantyhose, she needs to relax anyways, and the pheromones may even make her do better in her meeting. Star begins to remove the pantyhose, but can't see anyway out and decides to go along with it. After Dixie makes her cum, she lets it drop that Star had better hurry, she was lying about the other interviewee and now Star is very late.

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Forced Orgasms, Pantyhose Orgasms, Trading Pantyhose, Office Domination Pantyhose Domination Pantyhose Fetish

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13 minutes


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