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Pantyhose Cuckold
Featuring Star Nine

You walk in on your wife pulling on a pair of silky, shiny, nude pantyhose. Your cock twitches in your pants, you're shocked that she's dressing up for you, it's been so long. Star laughs when she notices you staring at her. She's not getting dressed up for you, that ship has long since sailed. Star gently explains that she's discussed the issue with her friends & her therapist, and everyone agrees that it's time for her to take care of herself.

Star explains that she isn't leaving you - she wants the future you've planned together. You just don't satisfy her intellectually or sexually so she's going to have to go out and find that stimulation elsewhere.

Don't look so sad, I love you. I'm not NECESSARILY going to fuck anyone . . .You did always have a thing for pantyhose, I haven't had reason to dress up for a long time . . .

Star promises you that she'll give you her worn pantyhose to play with when she gets home. She'll try not to get some guy's cum on them . . .

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Cuckolding, Eroscillator, Reverse Strip Worn Pantyhose Nude Pantyhose

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6 minutes