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Leg Tease
Featuring Star Nine

You're late again. Don't pretend I don't know why you're late to every one of our sessions. You're worried that if you don't stop off in the bathroom beforehand you'll cum in your pants.

I know how badly you want to see my bare nylon legs - you beg me in every session. But I know that the sight of them will just about destroy you. Instead I tease you, pace back and forth in my expensive designer dress pants. My nylon feet peaking out at you in my tall black stilettos. You can see the nylon web between my toes.

I order you to crawl closer. I step out of my heels. See how weak my bare nylon feet make you? How could you possibly handle my full nylon legs. I sink to the floor and wiggle my nylon toes in your face. I tell you how pathetic you are. Begging for a glance at my nylon legs. A stronger man would kneel before me and beg to take me places, buy me things. You grovel and beg to see something you've paid to see, something that would be totally benign if it weren't for your uncontrollable fetish.

I slide one pant leg up, exposing my calve. You grow weaker. More obsessed. You don't just want to see my nylon legs. We both know the obsession won't stop there. Next you'll want to touch them. Put your filthy mouth on them. You just can't afford it. I've seen your bank statements. I fully embrace the role of Domme as life coach.

What changes are you going to make in your life to make yourself more worthy of my legs? I unbutton my pants. Remove them. You get a brief glimpse at what you've been begging for, anticipating, before I declare our session over, walk out of the room.

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Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose/Stockings, Foot Fetish, Female Domination, Pantyhose Under Pants, Legs

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