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CEI Misunderstanding
Featuring Star Nine

So, I have a favor to ask you . . . it's a little bit delicate but well - you like me right? Obviously you like me, you're always smiling when I catch you looking at me. Ok please don't go to HR or anything, you promise?

Well I was hoping you'd be willing to give me some of your . . . sperm.

Really? I didn't think you'd be so surprised. I mean, it's obvious we have a connection right? I know you feel that way too with how you're always staring at me. And I think you're just the perfect man for the job ;)

See, I'm not joking! I even brought a container

Yes, you could take it home with you and bring it in tomorrow - or we could just get it done right here and now.

Well I could leave - but you know how in sperm banks they give you porn? I wouldn't want you to get in trouble watching porn on a company computer!

What if I just sit like this, would that work for you? I know you find me attractive -

Oh yes, just like that, yes, please cum for me.

Good. Now. You know what to do.

No! I don't want your DNA! I want you to eat it for me. That's right lick it all up. I'm sick of you always staring at me, thought it'd be a good lesson. Besides, it's only fair after the little show I just gave you.

That's right. Drink it up, eat your own cum or else I'LL go to HR and really, who do you think they'd believe

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Pantyhose/Stockings, CEI, Cum Eating Instruction, Legs, Pantyhose Domination, Office Domination

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7 minutes


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