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The Key
Featuring Star Nine

A sardonic smile spreads across my lips as you approach from the other side of the bar. Took you long enough. A full twenty minutes of furtive glances at my legs, my dangling heel and finally you worked up the courage to slip off your wedding band and approach me. I brush off your pathetic pick up line and allow you to kneel before me. I circle my nylon foot in your face, wiggling my toes seductively as you slowly replace my shoe. I promise that you won't forget the view for the rest of your life.

Slowly you awake. My nylon foot circles in your face as before, but something is different. Was that elegant anklet with the key attached there before? I begin to laugh as you slowly come to your senses. Entranced by my feet, you haven't yet noticed your position. Your nudity. The bondage. The tiny biting plastic chastity device. My well worn pantyhose stuffed in your mouth.

I gloat over my power, my natural female supremacy as you lie before me, the teeth of the chastity device biting into your little shrimp dick.

You begin to think of the hour, to think of the trouble you're in. You desperately eye the key dangling from my anklet. As if I can read you mind, I ask if you really want it. What you would give me in return. I scoff at your offer & counter with my own. You desperately accept. I untie your hands and have you sign a contract. I give you the little key you're so desperate for. Your shaking hands guide it into the lock - where it breaks off! You gaze up at me, wounded, confused. I spread my legs, giving you a glimpse of your actual key, safely tucked away near my wet pussy, visible through my sheer, gusset-less pantyhose.

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Pantyhose/Stockings, Pantyhose Domination, Chastity, Foot Fetish, Female Supremacy, Dangling

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21 minutes