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Mommy's Legs
Featuring Star Nine

You gaze at my nylon feet as I curse Monday's - my favorite spot for after work drinks is closed, and boy do I deserve one for babysitting you all day. How did you ever get to be the boss? You're just a big baby, chasing after mommy's legs. That's your nylon obsession. It's from mommy, big sis, your teacher at school. Running up to the women in your life, hugging their nylon legs, expecting them to take care of everything for you. You never grew out of it did you?

I begin to wiggle my toes. My nylon feet wave gently in front of your face as my voice lowers, takes on a mesmerizing tone.

That's right you're just a big baby crawling around. What's that funny feeling in your pants? Mommy can make it feel real good if you just sign this contract . . .

At first you don't mind the diaper as I use my nylon soles to get rid of your erection, but you begin to make a fuss once I've taped you into it. I have no choice but to use my wiggling toes to regress you even further.

Now all you can do is coo at the legs of the nice ladies & hope that they'll keep you dry.

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Age Regression, Pantyhose Domination, Pantyhose Footjobs, Mesmerize, Pantyhose/Stockings, Office Domination

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13 minutes