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Imprints & Triggers
Featuring Star Nine

My shimmering nylon toes, gently teasing, flexing, wiggling. Captivating, calming, entrancing.

Just like an early implant, a trigger. Girlish laughter remember?

You ache to kiss My nylon toes, To kneel and submit at My nylon feet. It's deep in your programming. Isn't it, slave?

A rush of satisfaction deep in your subconscious. A craving

You want nothing more than to go deeper, deeper, deeper

Everything about Me is a trigger.

The joy of submission, imagine it, fill yourself up with it, the aching warmth coursing through your body, inflating your lungs, filling you with calm & purpose. Cycle through anticipation, denial, release, each state increasing your devotion.

Breathe deep. Inhale the sent of My nylon feet. The scent of My worn pantyhose. How often can you sniff, deeper, and deeper, taking me into your lungs before the mind absorbs the scent, my scent becomes your new reality. your first thought on waking & your last before falling asleep. Goddess.

Every inhale brings you deeper, deeper, My scent imbedded in your mind, taking root, from now on you will anticipate My needs - nothing more than a hint and you will be off in the right direction. Gentle cues. Regular tributes. Regular denial

Another trigger. The cycle of worn nylon, inhale, exhale. The exquisite feeling on your skin, under your clothes. A symbol of your devotion. Second nature

My slave, anticipating My needs, submit to a life controlled by My nylons & My demands.

Anticipation, desire, inhale, exhale, worship, breathe deep

Wiggling toes, nylon on skin. A deep need to serve. Deeper still, your mind is Mine.

Second nature. Meditate on My wiggling nylon toes, a first thought after daily meditation, how can i serve Goddess today. The natural high of submission, of desire, denial and relief, cycling over and over and over.

Wiggling toes, nylon on skin, your morning meditation. Anticipate. Tribute. Serve. Wear My nylon against your skin, a constant reminder, think of Goddess first.

you NEED my worn pantyhose - tribute $100 and message with address for the privilege

Send your custom video request to star at starbondmedia dot com

Includes mesmerize, pantyhose domination, mental domination, mind fuck, femdom pov, foot domination

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