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Nylon Gloves
Featuring Star Nine

you've spent so much time at my feet, it's where you feel the most comfortable, the most at home. My shimmering, glossy, nylon soles. Perfection, I make you speechless. you crave My attention, you're addicted to it.

I see you've noticed My gloves. So elegant, can you tell, can you hear that familiar pavlovian sound - why yes, they are nylon.

Wouldn't it be exquisite to feel My touch. My fingers on your face. Gently stroking you, calming you. Something you never dreamed of up until this moment. Just a graze, just a touch, just a gentle finger, teasing your lips. A new sensation.

Hands can be an instrument of pleasure, or they can be a weapon. They can make you gasp in pleasure or perhaps in fear. Or they can silence you violently, hand over mouth. They can cut off your airwaves gently or more permanently.

Beg Me. Just a touch, just a stroke. What if I brush your lips, will your heart stop? You weren't expecting this level of intimacy were you.

your heart is pound pound pounding out of your chest. Is that arousal or is it fear?

your breath shortens as one silky nylon glove covers your mouth, the other gripping your neck. Such a fine line between play & permanence.

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Hand Over Mouth, Pantyhose Domination, Sensual Domination, Femdom POV

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14 minutes