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Trustfund Trauma
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Dr. Kendra James is sick of her rich, hypochondriac, patient Star. Star has therapy with her three times a week and has to make every little thing in life all about her. Dr. James devises a new treatment for Star. Her spoiled client obviously wishes something was really wrong with her so Dr. James decides to give her what she wants, some real repressed memories.

It's so easy to trick her rich patient - Kendra only has to suggest that the bottle of chloroform she holds is realy some special potion from Iceland. Star eagerly breaths in the noxious fumes from the soaked rag.

Kendra works Star's limp body over with a large strap-on cock, putting Star back out when she comes to. This should help her form some real, traumatic, repressed memories.

At the end of the session, they both feel like a real breakthrough has been made and Star is eager to return for her Wednesday session.

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3x chloroform KOs, Strap-on Blowjob, Strap-on Fucking, Strap-on Rape, Limp Play, Medical Fetish

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