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Vasovagal Response
Featuring Evangeline Von Winter & Star Nine & Levi

Star rushes into the living room calling out for her roommate Eve. She's accidentally cut her hand badly and needs assistance. Eve passes out at the sight of Star's wound. Star is shocked. She slaps Eve awake and convinces her to go get more towels for her to wrap her hand with. Eve manages to complete this task, but faints again while trying to help Star apply pressure. Obviously Eve is going to be no help at all, so Star calls for a paramedic.

When the medic arrives he rushes to Eve, figuring her for the patient. Star explains what's going on and he quickly fixes her hand with some surgical glue. Then he takes in the situation and decides to have a little fun, it's almost the end of his shift after all. With one roommate already unconscious it's easy for him to inject Star with a sedative while she stares in fascination at her hand. Star's eyes cross and flutter as she passes out. Eve begins to awaken and he tests out her Vasovagal response by waving the bloody paper towel in her face. As advertised, she faints yet again. This is going to be fun.

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3x Medical KOs, Multiple Faintings, Lift & Carry, Limp Fetish, Creepy Villainous Molestation, Sleep Fetish

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19 minutes


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