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Tatiana & The Resort Doctor
Featuring Tatiana Petrova & Jack Cummings

Tatiana has caught some sort of bug on her vacation, she visits the resort's medical clinic complaining of fever and dizziness. Dr Cummings has her lie down and briefly examines her before deciding that he'd like some alone time with this pretty patient. He places a chloroform soaked towel over Tatiana's forehead while he steps out of the room to tell the nurse to take her lunch.

The chloroform drifts to Tatiana's nostrils while she lies on the exam table. When he comes back in and places it over her airways she barely even struggles.

The Doctor tests his patient's pliability, wiggling her limp arms, bending and dropping her limp legs, before indulging himself. He doesn't take these risks too often. Maybe he heard something in her voice, her accent, that told him she would never say a word. He pulls up her top and plays with her tits. Clumsily removing her bra and sucking on the nipples

She begins to come to, now she's frightened, she doesn't know what's going on, can tell something is wrong. She struggles as he clamps the rag over her mouth and puts her back out.

He has to take his chance now. He removes her panties and examines her shaved pussy. It seems to be emanating heat and moisture. He drags her limp body down to the edge of the exam table and plunges his cock in. He's not finished with her yet when she comes to again. She's upset, accuses him of wrongdoing, but she doesn't flee when he leaves to tell the nurse to bring some equipment in . . . he's going to keep her for awhile.

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2X Chloroform KOs, Limp Fetish, Limp Play, SimuSex, Medical Clinic, Med Gyno

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