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Nurse Dixie
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Nurse Dixie questions her patient about her symptoms while she takes her blood pressure. Star is resistant, won't talk to her, wants to wait for the doctor. Dixie quietly snaps, she's sick of patients disrespecting her medical training.

Dixie pretends to look for her stethoscope. She soaks a rag with chloroform and clamps her hand over Star's nose and mouth. Star struggles, she tries to push Dixie away but the drug takes hold, her eyes flutter back as she goes limp.

Nurse Dixie strips the patient, playing with her limp limbs before calling in the doctor.

Dr. Woodman is not impressed. This is the third one this week! He tests Star's limp limbs and examines her limp body, but he can't really diagnose the patient without knowing her symptoms! She begins to come to and he asks the nurse for the rag. Dixie & Dr. Woodman hold her down and try to question her, but she's too agitated & Dr. Woodman knocks her back out. They'll have to put her in psych like the others. Dr. Woodman leaves the room to make arrangements, telling the nurse to keep an eye on her - no funny business.

Dixie takes out her strap-on and applies surgical lube to the patient's exposed pussy. She fucks Star's limp body, pulling her close. The doctor returns as Dixie is finishing. He clamps the rag over her mouth and nose, the psych ward has two beds open. He drags the nurse's limp body out of the room before returning to carry Star out. Star begins to stir and he places the rag over her mouth. Her eyes flutter gently as she goes deeper. He pulls her limp body into his arms and carries her out of the room.

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4X Chloroform KOs, Limp Play, Eye Check, Strap-On, Medical Clinic, Limp Fetish

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15 minutes