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Neck Brace
Featuring Cupcake Sinclair & Tim Woodman

Cupcake SinClair has tweaked her neck & visits the doctor to have it checked out. In the meantime, her grandmother has lent her an inflatable brace. Cupcake sits on the exam table, wearing her brace. Waiting.

Dr. Woodman enters. He is immediately critical of her brace. He warns that over the counter medical devices can cause permanent damage - they should only be used under the guidance of a medical professional. He asks her a few questions and returns with a sinister looking tray of implements. He moves behind her, feigns examining her neck, plunges a syringe into her. Cupcake's eyes go wide. She loses focus. Goes limp.

Dr. Woodman is creative, he finds any excuse to amuse himself at work. The vintage neck brace could absolutely cause a patient to lose consciousness, maybe even induce paralysis - pushing the vertebra dangerously apart when misused.

He plays with his limp patient. He exposes and enjoys her breasts. Removes her panties. Performs an unnecessary pelvic exam. She has a full bush and he plays with her, running cold metal over her sensitive bits before spreading her pink hole open with the speculum.

When she wakes, he informs her that she'll need to stay overnight for observation. He hands her a gown and stays as she puts it on. He enjoys the show. Knocks her out again once she has that pesky clothing off.

A passing administrator sees him knock her out. Star enters and berates Dr. Woodman - he's single handedly responsible for the huge spike int he hospital's insurance premiums. Dr. Woodman surprises her with the needle. She falls across the exam table next to the patient. He exposes her breasts, takes some pictures with his cellphone.

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3x Medical KOs, Limp Play, Limp Fetish, Eye Checks, Medical Fetish, Gyno Exam

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15 minutes