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Patient, Inmate, Nurse
Featuring Gigi Lynn & Star Nine

Star doesn't even look up from her phone when the doctor walks in. It's such a hassle, just to get her pill. Star pushes Dr. GiGi over the edge, she plunges the needle into Star's neck, completes the physical with her limp.

Star comes to, confused. She asks why she's naked and GiGi knocks her right back out.

Confusion is the first sign of mental illness, GiGi remarks. She has a special treatment for Star. She comes back in with the straitjacket & sits her limp patient up on the exam table. Star wobbles, her limp body crashes to the floor.

Awake, in the straitjacket, Star is freaking out, threatening to scream. She sees GiGi prepare the needle. Terror. She yells for the nurse.

There is no nurse, but GiGi thinks it will be fun to play dress up. She pulls Star's limp limbs out of the straitjacket and into a skimpy little nurses uniform.

Star quietly awakes as GiGi turns to tidy up the exam room. She quietly steps to the door and calls for help. GiGi puts her back out, but the administrator has finally heard Star's calls. He confronts Dr. GiGi, sees the needle in her hand and gives her a taste of her own medicine.

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5X Medical KOs, Med Gyno, Medical Fetish, Straight Jacket, Nurse Costume, Limp Fetish

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23 minutes