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Star thanks the doctor for agreeing to see her on such short notice - she's just been through a terrifying episode, coming to from having fell asleep at the wheel. She racks her brain, trying to figure out whether this has happened before.

The doctor thinks she may be narcoleptic. She passes out mid conversation. He waves his hand in front of her eyes, snaps his fingers, slaps her awake.

Oh no, did it just happen again?

Their conversation continues, she passes out again. This time he shyly gropes her breast, curiously lifts her hand & drops it, curiously lifts her hand and rubs it against the crotch of his pants. He gets hard, gets into it, but it occurs to him he doesn't know when she's going to wake up! He reaches up to her mouth, prods it with his fingers before gently shaking her awake again.

He tries to ask her how long she usually passes out for, but she has no idea.

He looks at his watch. She's not passing out now. He's getting impatient. Why did he wake her up! He begins to pace as he talks. Trying not to end the appointment just yet, trying to keep talking so that she has to stay and pass out again.

Frustrated he begins to fidget with a drawer where he keeps a sedative for emergencies. He asks if she's tried any alternative therapies . . . meditation, acupuncture, as he paces behind her and jabs the needle into her neck.

Now he knows precisely how long he has. He strips & molests her limp body. He rubs himself through his pants with her hand before positioning her limp limbs, ass up in the air. He gently brushes the hair out of her face before penetrating her. Fucking her limp body from behind.

It's quite the struggle to get her back into her bra and dress. Once he's brought her back around he reminds her to wear loose clothing for tomorrow's sleep study.

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23 minutes