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Diaper Malfunction
Featuring Star Nine

Star comes home from a day out shopping & is excited to show her purchases off to you. As she sits on the couch showing off the costume jewelry she bought, you think you see something unusual under her skirt. When she stands up to show you some stockings she picked up your suspicions are confirmed. She's wearing a diaper! You try not to let her in on your excitement, but she notices you staring.

Star explains that she used to wear diapers every now and then, she's always had a bit of a problem, but lately, she's been wetting herself without even noticing. With this new development, she has to wear diapers 24/7.

As if that weren't bad enough, since she's been filling her diapers without noticing, she's had to switch to super absorbent diapers that are meant for larger adults and has been having issues with the tabs becoming unstuck.

The worst part though, what's super embarrassing, is that she kind of likes the way having such a full diaper on feels.

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Diapers, Diaper Wetting, Wetting Stories, Leaky Diapers, Embarrassment, Pee

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16 minutes