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Abducted & Abandoned
Featuring Star Nine

The man orders her to strip in the car. She pleads with him, but he doesn't budge. He pulls over and orders her out of the vehicle. Nude. She's torn between not wanting anyone to see her like this & hoping for rescue.

She trots behind the car, down a rocky dirt road, barefoot. The rocks dig into the soft flesh of her feet and her naked breasts bound painfully as she struggles to keep up with the speed of the car she is tethered to. Finally they arrive at a home.

She hopes to go inside, put her clothes back on, and then worry about escape, but the man has other plans. He wants to train her, turn the house into a reward, after she's proven that she can be a good slave.

She doesn't want to be a slave, she doesn't want anyone to come by and find her naked, she wants to escape. Her modesty confuses her, her fear of being nude and exposed getting in the way of her ability to flee. He tethers her off in the garden, makes her do yard work nude, bound, on her knees.

He ties her, standing to a tree, orders her not to go anywhere. If she behaves maybe someday she will be allowed indoors. He is gone for a long time, she make some progress in freeing herself, but he comes back and finds her messing with the ropes. She's obviously not going to learn to be obedient. He'll have to find someone else. He leads her deep into the woods and ties her in a very exposed position, her legs pulled up in the air. The leaves and twigs poke into her back. Bugs buzz around her face. She pleads with him not to leave her alone like this, but he walks off into the woods.

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Forced Stripping, Outdoor Bondage, Damsel In Distress, Slave Training, Peril, Bondage

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36 minutes


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