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The Spy & The Assassin
Featuring Ela Darling & Star Nine

Ela Darling is an assassin for hire, she's very good at her job, the best of the best. She's been stalking Star, a spy, for some very important clients. She captures her prey from behind & overpowers her. Usually she'd do it then, but there's something about Star. Ela wants to play with her victim.

Star is bound to a post, gagged. Ela toys with her, she uses a whip, tells Star that she's pissed off some really important people. Star insists that her mission is important, Ela shouldn't stop her. She uses her big eyes, convinces Ela to run away with her.

Unable to resist, Ela releases her. She tastes her pussy, makes her cum. Her sexy spy returns the favor. They wrap their legs around the hitatchi, both grinding into it, staring into each other's eyes.

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Lesbian Domination, Damsel In Distress, Girl/Girl, Tribbing, Lesbian, Bondage

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28 minutes