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Diapered & Pacified
Featuring Star Nine

Star purses her lips & ushers you into her new office. It's her first day as the new Head of IT - a position you were in line for before she seduced you . . .

She shows you the little congratulations gift the guys in the department put together for her. Diapers. A pacifier. A notecard - Congratulations on the promotion - here's something to keep you dry & quiet.

Noticing the look on your face, Star softens. She knows you're disappointed, she's going to make it up to you - you're going to rule this company together.

Star knows what you like, how to cheer you up. She strips down to her tan control top pantyhose. Prances and poses for you. She lays across her desk and pumps her legs. Placing the pacifier in her mouth, Star sucks it I bet you want me to suck on something else, don't you.

Show's over. Star begins to put her clothes back on when you ask about the diapers. What you want me to WEAR them for you? Oh, and if I don't that means I'm scared right?.

She puts them on under her pantyhose. She stands, visibly shaken. Trying to play it off as a joke, she models them for you, hitting the same poses as before, beginning to act babyish. She sucks her thumb.

Ok, playtime's over. Where are my clothes. As Star looks around for her clothing, you mention that the staff meeting got moved up - the CEO and all the office staff will be here any minute. There's a knock at the door. Star panics as it swings open. She jumps on her desk but there's nowhere to hide. The taunting begins. There's nowhere to hide. As her coworkers humiliate her, Star breaks down into a temper tantrum, wailing and pounding her fists on the desk. Diapered in front of the whole office.

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Adult Diaper, Pantyhose/Stockings, Age Regression, Diaper Discipline, Diaper Fetish, Humiliation

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27 minutes