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The Collector
Featuring Cupcake Sinclair & Star Nine & Tim Woodman

Harley and Batwoman have tracked The Collector to his lair. He's been tied to multiple missing person cases, but no bodies have ever been found. Sheets cover several pedestals in the front hall. The Collector sneaks up on them as they bend to peak under one of the sheets. Harley gasps as he quickly cuffs a silver briefcase to her wrist.

He sets his eyes on her companion. Batwoman! What perfect specimen to add to my collection.

Batwoman is defiant, but with the risk of the explosives cuffed to Harley's wrist, she sees no choice but to go along with The Collectors demands. She tries reaching for her belt, but he orders her to remove it and drop it to the floor.

He orders her along, forcing her to strip out of her costume. When they get to the mask, Batwoman also removes the attached wig, revealing herself to be a blonde. She dryly responds to The Collectors astonishment well, it adds to the disguise, doesn't it?

Look you've had your fun, Collector . . . just go ahead and take a picture & uncuff Harley. We'll be on our way. She doesn't realize that he wants more than a photograph for his collection.

The Collector begins to spray her legs with a special gold compound. She doesn't realize the freezing effect until it's too late. Both of her legs are frozen solid from her feet to her calves. Batwoman tries to move them and topples to the floor. She calls out for Harley, but The Collector has ordered her to remain in the other room. He slowly coats his prize in the gold compound as she futilely struggles to crawl away, her fingertips sliding back on the plastic lining the floor. Partially up her spine she's practically paralyzed only able to tap her fingers and move her head. Finally she is frozen solid. Golden head to toe. A perfect statue for his collection.

He calls Harley in to see what has happened to her friend. He's activated the bomb on her wrist, if she hurries, maybe she'll find a locksmith in time to save the city.

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Superheroines, Freeze, Wet & Messy, Super Villain, Wet Look, Forced Stripping

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15 minutes