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Pipsqueak Gets A Spanking
Featuring Kymberly Jane

Kymberly Jane is over to babysit you since you obviously can't look out for yourself in your current . . . condition.

You used to be a natural bully, the biggest guy in the neighborhood, until your little sister found herself a wishing rock and shrunk you down to size. Now you're just a little pipsqueak, too puny to take care of yourself.

Kym knows what a bad little boy you are, so she leaves you in your playpen for awhile before taking you out to play her way. She lifts you high over her head and tosses you in the air. You're so light now! Then she pins you to the ground and tickles you. You're so little that you can't get away! Out of breath, you kick her and run and hide under the bed.

You watch nervously as her big feet pace back and forth in front of your face. She's threatening you with a hard over the knee spanking. You'll get a hard spanking and a red bottom because she's so much stronger than you now. She spots you and violently drags you out from under the bed. You get the hard spanking you were promised.

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Giantess, Spanking POV, Babysitter, Foot Fetish, Age Regression, Spanking

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11 minutes