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The Queen of Tights
Featuring Star Nine

This video is also offered with minimal sfx - try that versions here & let me know what you think at

After your many adventures with theIce Queen, you have finally destroyed her. Or so you thought. You gaze up at your captor. The spitting image of the icy goddess you believe you have destroyed.

The tall blonde towers over you in black tights and high heeled booties. Enraged by what you've done to her twin, she taunts you. You won't be able to destroy her, nylon is a lot tougher than ice. She paces and taunts you with her long, perfect, legs, promising your destruction. The nylon bonds tighten around your limbs as you struggle, but you are able to reach your belt. The room becomes a sauna with the activation of your devise and soon the Queen of Tights is melting away before your eyes just like her icy sister.

Includes leg fetish, tights, transformation, super villain

11 minutes