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The Monsters Watch Her Cum
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Ashley Lane paces in the storeroom. The building has been overrun by monsters - she calls for help, but security doesn't believe her.

She wakes up in a strange room, bound to a chair. A woman in a lab coat observes her, encourages her to recall what happened. As she begins to describe the monsters in the elevator, the woman begins to masturbate. As the woman cums, Ashley looks at her hopefully, perhaps she will untie her? Then she notices the monsters in the corner! They've been watching all along.

Ashley recoils in horror as Star approaches her, hitatchi in hand. Star calmly explains how the monsters derive their powers from the female orgasm. She presses the vibrator hard against Ashley's clit as she describes all the things the monsters plan to do to her.

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Aliens & Monsters, Forced Orgasms, Bound Orgasms, Damsel In Distress, Bondage, Vibrator

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9 minutes