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Super Pony
Featuring Ashley Lane & Star Nine

Supergirl (Ashley Lane) comes across a strange collar while investigating a crime. As she lifts it up, she begins to feel her powers fade.

Villainess Star arrives and taunts Supergirl with the collar. Her special liquid kryptonite drops have rendered the ordinary looking collar into a powerful weapon with the ability to stop Supergirl's powers. Star firmly fastens the collar around Supergirl's neck and steps out of the room as Supergirl vainly struggles to remove the collar.

Star has plans to transform the heroine into the perfect pony girl. She dresses Supergirl in a special harness, leaving her leotard on to emphasis her defeat. Finally it is time for the head harness. Star lifts it up to Supergirl's face, explaining that once the harness is around her head, she will be completely defeated. No longer a superheroine. Just a pretty little pony.

Handcuffed and gagged in her new uniform, the defeated heroine moans loudly as she is forced to cum. The villainess leaves her chained up by her reins to contemplate her future as a pony.

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Superheroines, Pony Play, Super Villain, PonyGirls, Forced Orgasms, Lesbian Domination

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24 minutes