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Casey Forced By Monsters
Featuring Casey Calvert

Casey receives a strange phone call from a coworker demanding that she shut the building down - something about monsters? The woman on the other end of the line is clearly in a panic, but Casey convinces her to take the elevator up to her office, promising to monitor the security feed.

To Casey's horror, the woman is telling the truth - she watches helplessly as the monsters break into the elevator & attack the woman. Casey runs to the door but discovers she is locked in. She backs away from the door, realizing that she isn't alone.

The monster grabs Casey's nylon leg. She screams and everything goes dark. With Casey tied to the chair, the monster has his way with her, groping her and forcing her to cum over and over.

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Aliens & Monsters, Forced Orgasms, Secretary, Damsel In Distress, Eye Glasses, Bondage

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9 minutes