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Monster Breeding
Featuring Dixie Comet & Star Nine

A mysterious woman enters Star's room as she sleeps. She unbuttons her shirt, exposing her bare belly & begins to rub her stomach. She places a clear seed in Star's belly button & then moves her hands, chanting, as the seed glows and dissolves into Star's belly.

Star awakes & tries to get up, wondering how this strange woman has gotten into her room. The witch pins Star's arms back with a wave of her hand before returning her attention to Star's belly. She says" grow & Star's belly begins to ripple and distort, painfully expanding with the eggs inside.

Star demands an explanation but refuses to believe that she has been implanted with monsters, that they are growing in her belly. Her stomach expands and retracts as the monsters grow larger and her labor begins. Star begins to feel like she's about to be ripped apart and begs the woman to make it stop but her labor continues until the monsters burst free, ripping her open.

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Includes monsters, magic control, damsel in distress, stomach fetish

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9 minutes