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Ashley in the Elevator
Featuring Ashley Lane

Ashley paces nervously in the elevator, trying to make her way to safety. Soon she is trapped in that little metal box. The doors won't open, the elevator begins to shake, and suddenly a monstrous hand punches through the wall and grabs her.

The hand is coated in green slime and it grabs at her tits. Soon another hand has punched through the wall, and another, and another. The monsters paw at Ashley, coating her in their green slime, tearing her shirt open, spreading her legs. One monster produces a vibrator and holds it fast to Ashley's crotch as the others pull her legs apart and hold her hands over her head. Ashley cums over and over before finally making her way to the center of the elevator.

Her relief is short lived as she hears the elevator cable creak & then snap. The fall leaves her dazed and covered in slime.

Includes aliens & monsters, wet & messy, damsel in distress, forced orgasms

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12 minutes