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Bionic Powerpack Failure
Featuring Star Nine

Star returns from her doctor's appointment, flexing her freshly repaired bionics. She notices that her bedroom door is open & uses her bionic ear to listen for an intruder. She swiftly kicks off her high heels & uses her bionic legs to run into the bedroom. She confronts you, the intruder, warning you about all the things she could do to you with her bionics. Finally she crouches to jump & you disable her bionic leg.

Star flexes and stretches her injured leg, struggling to get it to function. Noticing that the intruder has left, Star struggles to her phone and calls the doctor, complaining about her malfunctioning leg. The power pack has been damaged & will need repairs. Hanging up with the doctor, Star continues to flex her damaged bionic leg as her power pack drains, eventually passing out.

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Superheroines, Robots, Cosplay, Struggling, Costumes, Pantyhose/Stockings

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21 minutes