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Supergirl Possessed
Featuring Kendra James & Star Nine

Kendra James invites Supergirl over to go through some artifacts her recently deceased mentor had collected. His interests were borderline & she is concerned that there might be some objects in his collection not meant for the earth. Perhaps Supergirl can fly anything too caustic into the sun . . .

Supergirl begins to examine the items in the box. When she reaches a gold box she falls to the ground in spasms. A demon has possessed her body. She moves awkwardly, the demon getting used to being back inside flesh. The demon begins to feel the power in her new body.

What is this vessel you have given me? You will be rewarded. The demon molests her Supergirl body, rubbing it to orgasm as Kendra looks on wide-eyed. She pulls Kendra to her & devours her pussy before tribbing both their bodies to orgasm.

Kendra is worried about unleashing this version of Supergirl on the world. Post tribbing orgasm she pulls away. Saying she has something else the demon will like, she backs out of the room & returns with hitatchi.

The demon amuses herself with the hitachi & Kendra takes the opportunity to look through the box hoping to find some sort of cure. She finds a black velvet bag and looks inside - liquid kryptonite - she thinks - there's only one way to test it . . .

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Superheroines, Aliens & Monsters, Lesbian Scissoring, Lesbian Domination, Lesbian, Tribadism

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19 minutes