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Supergirl Entrapped & Collared
Featuring Mia Vallis & Star Nine

Aspiring super villain Mia Vallis poses as a damsel in distress. All goes according to plan as Supergirl responds to her cries for help. As Supergirl leans forward to untie Mia's ankles, the aspiring villain quickly places a kryptonite collar around the heroine's neck.

What follows is a one sided beatdown as Mia easily tosses the weakened superheroine around alternately pinning her and throwing her into the wall, pummeling her belly and demanding intel on her cousin & on her friend Batgirl. It's obvious that Mia possesses Amazonian strength & Supergirl tries hopelessly to talk her into using her powers for good, then later to test her true strength by removing the collar, but she cannot dissuade Mia from her plans & eventually lies weak & broken as Mia pulls her by the hair, humiliating the broken heroine, pressing her face into her muscular ass.

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Superheroines, Beatdowns, Amazons, Super Villain, Costumes, Belly Punching

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14 minutes