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Big Sis Finds Your Diaper Stash
Featuring Star Nine

You've been spying on me for years & today is no different. You watch as I arrive home from work, heading to my room to change. You were in my room earlier, tampering with my underwear, and you watch excitedly as I discover the diapers you left there. Your heart pounds as the expression on my face turns from confusion to curiosity.

I step over to the mirror, pulling up my skirt & holding the size 6 luvs up to my body commenting that I think they are the same ones that I wore as a baby. Suddenly I catch you. I spin around, pulling my skirt down.

Ready to be humiliated little brother? Ready to jerk it to my diapers, call me mommy, watch me pose, dress, manipulate and cum with you? I've always known you were obsessed with me, that's why you can't get a girlfriend.

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Includes diaper fetish, joi, taboo

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25 minutes