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Star Gas Chamber
Featuring Star Nine

Emily Morris (Star Nine) is sacrificed by her twin sister in a cruel plot to unleash sadistic monsters on the world. She comes to tied to a chair in a strange room. Her sister's voice comes over the loudspeaker explaining her deadly plot. Emily cried and begs her sister to free her, but one of her creations, a horrible monster, pops up and begins to roughly grope her.

Her twin's plan required Emily to cum under the monster's hands before being painfully executed by gas. She tells her sister not to worry, that her monsterous creation is impervious to gas, so she will not die alone.

Emily tries desperately not to cum, but the creepy monster forces her to. He pulls her hair back, lifting her head as the gas hisses into the chamber. Emily coughs and gasps for air. As the toxic gas hits her system she begins to convulse until she finally goes still with a lifeless stare as the monster continues to grope her.

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Includes death fetish, forged orgasms, struggling, bondage, monsters

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10 minutes


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