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The Vines
Featuring Star Nine

A lone jogger decides to take a shortcut through the park. The vines follow her feet as she comes to a bushy impasse & begins to realize she's make a mistake. She pushes through the bushes as the vines creep towards her. She's so busy struggling that she doesn't notice the vines until they've worked their way under her shirt. She hears footsteps coming and tries to cry out for help but the vines stuff her mouth. Always creeping forward the vines strip her before wrapping around her ankles and knees yanking her to the ground. Once she's naked and bound the vines fill all of her holes, relentlessly creeping over her and in her until they finish with her, releasing a sticky sap.

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Includes aliens & monsters, struggling, damsel in distress, bondage, magic control

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11 minutes