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In The Lair of Luthor
Featuring Alison Rey & Star Nine

Alison Luther has escaped from prison and hatched a plot to get her revenge on Supergirl. She makes sure that Supergirl can hear her bragging about planting bombs all over the city, knowing that will draw her to her lair for a confrontation.

Sure enough, Supergirl marches into Luthor Manor and lifts Alison up by her collar, demanding the codes to the bombs. Alison points at a lead box and tells Supergirl that everything she deserves is inside. Supergirl tries to penetrate the box with her super vision & rolls her eyes before dropping Alison and opening the box. Her mouth drops in confusion. The box contains nothing but a crystal on a chain.

Feeling strangely weak, Supergirl backs away from the box. Alison lifts the kryptonite up on it's chain and dangles it in front of Supergirl's face as she backs her up into the wall. She places the chain around Supergirl's neck. Confused & weakened, Supergirl drops to her knees. She tries to crawl away but Alison kicks her over and pins her down, first kissing the weakened heroine & then demanding that she suck each of her ten toes. One for each year in prison.

Supergirl obediently worship's Alison's feet, moaning that the combination of feet & kryptonite is making her even weaker.

Alison laughs and asks Supergirl whether there are any deep dark secrets she would like to confess now that she has tasted defeat. If Supergirl divulges her secrets, Alison will remove the kryptonite. Supergirl confesses that if a villainess worships her feet the evil doer will steal her super powers. Alison giggles and says now she will be the superior woman! She removes Supergirl’s boots slowly as Supergirl protests and begs but is too weak to stop Alison from draining her of her powers.

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Includes superheroine, foot worship, lesbian domination, foot fetish

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25 minutes


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