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Babysitter Bondage
Featuring Ashley Lane

Babysitter Ashley Lane finds something you shouldn't have in your room during a game of hide-and-go-seek. She confronts you with the worn panties and socks, threatening to tell on you, but you have a better idea. Now Ashley is tied to your desk chair with her stocking feet propped up on the desk. She threatens you again, but you shut her up by stuffing the worn panties in her mouth and tying them into place with the sock.

Ashley tries to free herself, grabbing at things on the desk with her feet but she just knocks them to the floor. She pushes herself over to the door and tries to open it with her feet, but gets nowhere.

You catch her trying to escape and take her top off before leaving her on the floor in a hogtie.

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Includes bondage, rope bondage, gagged women, struggling, babysitter

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15 minutes