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Mesmerized Heroines
Featuring Chrissy Marie & Star Nine

You snap your fingers & Wonder Star angrily charges you. She jumps back in shock as she is not able to penetrate the protective circle. You explain your plan, how you're going to use her to capture Super Chrissy. Wonder Star proudly tells you that she knows all of your tricks & she won't be falling for them.

You begin to play a mesmerizing song. Wonder Star stars to feel the effects but is able to snap out of it and cover her ears. Your produce the spinning wand, her hands slip away from her ears as she gazes, captivated by the lights but again she is able to regain control.

Now her ears are covered, her eyes squeezed tight, but you have one more trick up your sleeve. You spray her down with a powerful aphrodisiac. Soon Wonder Star is reduced to a mesmerized, masturbating slut. Completely under your control.

Cue Super Chrissy to the rescue! Will she be able to awaken Wonder Star from her mesmerized slumber? Or will she too be reduced to a drooling, cumming, super slut?

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Includes woman following orders, superheroine, mesmerize, magic control, orgasms

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